Hello internet explorers! I’m James. I care about making furniture that is both affordable and beautiful. This is a rocking stool that I launched on Kickstarter. You can download the design files and make your own. My next project will be called Arch Stools and feature 32 different arches. Sign up here for updates.

How can I help you? Let’s chat about it over coffee. My Twitter is @mcbennett.

I am married to Carey and sometimes make a youtube video when we travel. I have narcolepsy, and I love to swim. I currently live in New York, NY. Previously, I have lived in Brooklyn, Nashville, Dublin, London, Copenhagen, Rotterdam and Riyadh.

I studied architecture that focused on how buildings, cities, and societies function. I love to constantly learn new things. I keep learning through short online courses that range from superheroes to innovation. I’m currently learning UX from the School of Information at the University of Michigan via EdX.