TEDxLondonBusinessSchool – Disruption

I have become obsessed with the term disruption since attending this event as my own projects can be described as extremely disruptive.  See Wikipedia‘s defintion of the term as put forward by Harvard Professor of Business Administration Clayton M. Christensen. Below are my five favourites talks from the event: Andy Stefanovich for the most energy I have ever seen in a presentation, Luke Downey for brand values that actually mean something, Tom Hulme for introducing me to ‘Constant Beta’ and ‘Continuous Innovation’ (Another topic I have taken an interest to.), Brian Forde on Failure in social enterprise and finally Kevin Eyres on career.

Note Brian Forde doesn’t explain why his project failed of which I discussed with him after his talk and posted in OpenIDEO.  Locals did not want to make phone calls to chat with their pals or ask who wanted to go see a film, they wanted to spread the news of death or give money to their family, relatives and friends whom had left the country. The bike for the public square did not address the required privacy, and thus the project failed.