OpenIDEO by James McBennett: The Life of a ___________

The beginning of “Lord of War,” shows a beautiful short film intro named “The Life of a Bullet.” WARNING: THE END OF THE ‘LORD OF WAR INTRO’ VIDEO CAN BE TOUGH TO WATCH. PLEASE DO NOT VIEW IF THIS MAY DISTURB YOU. I do not support the activities of the arms trade or war.

Made in a factory before proceeding on its journey sold from various military powers, landing in the hands of African rebels, finally fired through the forehead of a armed young child. The films tells the story of an object’s life from it’s very beginnings to it end. The Life of French Fries is shown below. (A film edited from other film footage, notably Supersize me, and How’s it made: Frozen French Fries.)

Milk comes from a cow, how many of you would include a cows pregnancy and birth of a calf in the process of producing milk. It won’t happen otherwise. These films are created to show what goes into creating food and bringing to consumption. They could be made for various products from Dairy to Vegetables to the more complex microwave dinner.

1. Farm/Growth/Seasons.
2. Manufacturing/Processing
3. Packaging
4. Delivery and Supply
5. Store.
6. Purchase and transport of the good home.
7. Consumption.
8. Overall effect on society.

Films are made to praise those who contribute positive impact to our diets and criticize those who take from it. A viral campaign benefits from criticism establishing trust and enlarging the audience. It is hoped organisations could be approached who are positive “impact organisations” to fund the project.

Look forward to your comments!

This idea combines with the “Tangled Routes Exhibit”